Rabia Bhatti

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From a little girl with big dreams to the UK's Youngest Elected Asian Female Politician... 




Miss Rabia Bhatti is a young leader of leading vision and inspiration with a reputation of excellence recognized on an international scale for her achievements and contributions. On May the 6th 2011, Rabia hit global headlines as she became the Youngest Elected Muslim Female Politician in the United Kingdom. Prior to this, at the age of 18 Rabia was appointed as a School Governor, making her the youngest female School Governor in Britain, followed by becoming the First President of Aylesbury College just a few months later at the age of 19.

 No stranger to extremely high profile roles, Rabia Bhatti presided as Chairman of the Chiltern Cohesion Conference attended by the press, public, religious leaders, community leaders, Lord's, MP's, MEP's and diplomats. Ms. Bhatti has also been the delegated Chairwoman for an open meeting between representatives from the Embassy of the United States of America and Muslim Community Leaders to discuss global political issues including the USA, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. In addition, Rabia chaired the first ever memorial day to be held in Buckinghamshire remembering the victims of the largest mass murder in Europe since WWII. 

 A regular contributor on the radio, BBC, Channel 4, Sky News and print media, Rabia is currently studying at the University of London where she is completing her Masters. Her other roles include being the youngest Muslim Female college Governor in the United Kingdom for Aylesbury College, member of the Audit Committee and portfolio holder for Equality and Diversity, a former School Governor for Newtown School with the the portfolio for Children with Special Education Needs, an Executive board member for the Conservative Muslim Forum and Chairman of the women's branch, an Executive board member for the John Adams Society, an Executive board member of the Buckinghamshire Community Grants Panel and a UK champion for the Charity 'Remembering Srebrenica' focusing on the genocide in Bosnia.

Passionate about young people, women empowerment, politics, self-development, education and foreign affairs, Rabia has spoken at a number of events, conferences and seminars around the world and is featured in an international book on 25 of the most successful change makers in the world. From delivering talks to organizations and addressing dignitaries - Rabia's determination to help others break boundaries and glass ceilings has earned her a global reputation of influence and distinction.

In 2012 Rabia was selected as delegate for the first Political Leaders programme hosted by the US State Department to visit the United States of America in order to observe the Presidential Election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. A graduate of the Global Leaders Programme held in Moscow and a graduate of the two week Young Leadership Programme by the University of Oxford, Rabia was also invited to spend  10 days in Kazan to support a Summer Leadership Programme organized by the Russian Presidential Academy and opened by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.  In addition to participating in the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum as part of a British Delegation held in the United Arab Emirates, Rabia is a prominent guest speaker both in the UK and abroad being invited to give keynote addresses and speak on a variety of issues at some of the worlds most prestigious venues. Rabia Bhatti continues to pursue her passion for politics and making a change at all levels from conversing with Prime Ministers and Presidents to working with multiple local, national and international organisations. 

Rabia Bhatti is a fantastic global role model and a woman of exceptional ability and quality.
— Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani.
A young lady of absolutely remarkable talent and outstanding expertise creating a powerful change all over the world. I have a dream that one day Rabia will be our first Asian Female Prime Minister.
— Lord Sheikh - House of Lords.